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Movement Model Grid for TemplateOrg

Current idea

The current idea and the customer pain that it resolves or the consumer delight that it offers:

Movement Model Grid for TemplateOrg, Bootstrap Phase, Initial Concept

Although we may be confident that Plan A is almost certainly perfect in every way, the history of failures caused by sticking to Plan A tells us that we need, for the sake of survival, to consider a Plan B and how to migrate to it. A first step in this process is to add entries to the movement model grid, below.

Movement model element Relevant analogs and the numbers they give you Relevant antilogs Leaps of faith around which you will build your current dashboard Hypotheses that will prove or refute your leaps of faith

Revenue model


Gross margin model


Operating model


Startup Summer

The sort of people that wanted to participate in Summer Camp would also want to participate in TemplateOrg.

Mentors and Entrepreneurs of similar calibre will be willing to help.

Action: Ask organisers what lessons were learnt and what data is available.

Hypothesis: Implied by leap. Test: Ask mentors if they will help, diary permitting.

Leancamp People like Eric Ries, Alex Osterwalder, John Mullins and Salim Virani will be willing to help.

Hypothesis: Implied by leap. Test: Ask them if they will help, diary permitting.

Working capital model


Investment model


Learning model


The Business Model Grid is adapted from Getting to Plan B by John Mullins and Randy Komisar, published by Harvard Business Review Press.