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The next steps


6W2X™ seeks to provide students with entrepreneurial skills that will be useful whether or not they decide to start their own business. We also want to widen the horizons of students by providing inspirational opportunities that make them aware of the huge variety of opportunities that are out there.

Many accelerators are very selective - which they need to be if they get their income through equity in successful ventures. We have broader objectives, both educational and inspirational, so we want to be far more open in our intake. We will collaborate with other accelerators: this not only saves us from re-inventing the wheel but also makes students more aware of the ecosystem of help that is available.


We have already established that there is considerable interest in collaborating with 6W2X; from existing startup incubators, business schools and other organisations. We will start by holding individual stand-alone events:
  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Showcases
  • Expert panels
  • Clinics
  • Team challenges

If you would like to help with any of these then please drop a line to info [at] 6w2x [dot] com.

Some of the team challenges will extend to six week projects so that students can extend their changemaking skills and we can solve some worthwhile problems.

SE Junction

SE Junction is a collaboration hub for social entrepreneurs to swap stories and hatch plans in a convivial atmosphere. We expect SE Junction to form an important part of 6W2X, so please bring along your expertise and experience.

Now it has its own website at sejunction.6w2x.com so please go and check it out!

Support divisions

We will set up divisions to support the development of 6W2X and to support the ecosystem of startups. They will also be available to support Mardi and other non profits. The initial support divisions will be:
  • Event Management
  • Course Development
  • Relationship Management
  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Video Production

These divisions will be run by students but will be supported by professionals where required by tapping into the vast experience of Mardi members. Together, 6W2X and Mardi will make a formidable combination.

Come on board 6W2X!

Click the button below to find out more. We are looking for the best co-founders, team members, aspiring changemakers and advisors.

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The first team challenge is create a new musical collective, as described on the next page.