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Business Model Canvas for Mardi, Initial Trim

Business Model Canvas for Mardi, Bootstrap Phase, Initial Trim

Trim down to the most important items.

Key Partners (KP)

University Development and Alumni Relations Offices

Business and Entrepreneur Support Organisations

Student Societies and Hubs

Charities and Social Enterprises


Key Activities (KA)

Developing infrastructure

Developing a virtual ecosystem

Building membership

Capacity building

Team building

Developing relationships with partners


Pivoting and re-focusing


Value Propositions (VP)

Make a bigger difference with Mardi

Students and alumni can achieve more by working together

Customer Relationships (CR)

Strong inter-personal relationships based on shared-values

Win-win alliances with organisations

Alliances should have SMART objectives

Perform SWOT analysis on all relationships

Customer Segments (CS)

Individuals providing help

Organisations providing help

Organisations receiving help

Those in need

Key Resources (KR)





Channels (CH)

Online collaboration

Meetings and events


Cost Structure (C$)


Salaries -postpone as long as practicable

Event costs

Office space - mainly virtual and use hubs

Fundraising effort

Donations to causes

Revenue Streams (R$)

Membership subscriptions

Donations from supporters

Grants from foundations and trusts


Fundraising events

Trading arm

The model structure is based on those developed by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur, described in their book Business Model Generation. The canvas is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.