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A startup accelerator in the community

The problem

We know that many students would love to be involved in a social enterprise startup.

We know that developing a startup is a full time job.

We know that obtaining a degree is a full time job.

So what is the solution? Enter 6W2X™, the social enterprise startup accelerator designed with students in mind. Students are not the only busy people so the concept has broadened out to be an accelerator in the community for the community.

The solution


Each startup will have a six week exit strategy. Six weeks will fit snugly inside a university vacation or a single term. Easy.

Get started with Six Weeks to Exit

Fast work

Yes, six weeks is indeed a short space of time. However, given the amazing results achieved at hack weekends we can all expect some pretty impressive results after six weeks.

As with all startups there are many different ‘exit’ options. 6W2X is geared to deliver, as a minimum, a proven business model with demonstrable traction and key metrics enabling future progress.

And no, not all participants should expect a large cheque following a sale of their enterprise to Google. And we don't expect too many IPOs. But we do expect to be impressed.

Are you up to the challenge?

A global ecosystem

6W2X will create a global ecosystem of support for startups. By establishing accelerators in developing countries 6W2X will not only encourage entrepreneurship globally but also help Western startups to produce business plans that satisfy a real rather than perceived need. By taking into account cultural preferences the startups can develop proven, sustainable, scalable social enterprise models.

6W2X will provide workshops and mentoring by leading entrepreneurs, and a dynamic infrastructure in which to excel. The best way of learning entrepreneurship is by doing. So what are you waiting for?

Team challenges

6W2X will also organise a series of team challenges for young people to build on their changemaker skills.

We will help existing social enterprises and charities to achieve their goals. Are you up to the challenge?

The lean machine

6W2X itself is being developed using lean startup principles. As with any startup we fully expect a pivot or two.

The initial 6W2X objectives are:

  • Test the concept: discover the demand in various territories
  • Establish strategic partnerships with business schools and successful entrepreneurs
  • Develop the business model
  • Execute. Iterate. Launch.

Energetic? Entrepreneur? Mentor? Philanthropist? Aspiring changemaker?

Is this you?

Then get involved by helping to develop and build 6W2X.

How? Simple!

Click the button below to find out more. We are looking for the best co-founders, team members, aspiring changemakers and advisors.

Tell me more!

We have won an award!

We are delighted to have been awarded a Do It Award by UnLtd.
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We have won an another award!

We are delighted to have been awarded a Spark Award by Santander and UnLtd.
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We have a venue partner!

We are delighted to announce that we have a venue partner: Fairly Square, London's first fairtrade bar and café.
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The following pages outline the next steps for 6W2X and briefly illustrate the startup methodology to be followed.